Jobs in the world are undergoing an evolution never seen before. The Great Resignation is a movement that grew during COVID-19. Companies suffer massive resignations every month, and the strategies to stop this trend seem complicated to apply. If you have a startup and want to build the best work team, don't worry; We have the right tips.


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Hire and Retain Top Talent for your Startup with This Four Tips

Despite the negative figures, startups in countries like the United States offer new employees every year. A Statista report says that startup businesses created about 3.1 million jobs in America. The numbers are lower than two decades ago, but conditions are different now. Take a look at the four points below to discover how to hire and retain talent.

  1. Expand Your Search Zone

Location is a limitation for physical companies. However, startups worldwide are investing in digitalization to gain territory in the market. If your company provides digital services, don't limit your hiring to your city or country; instead, become a freelance client.

Workers on freelance platforms are looking for new opportunities every day. One of the most significant advantages of this recruitment strategy is a large number of employees available. Now consider the following key advantages of being a freelance client:

  • You can search for candidates through specific filters (experience, age, hourly rate, location, among others).
  • Salary agreements can be flexible and tailored to the needs of both the client and freelance.
  • You can create various types of contracts: hourly or milestone.
  • Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr protect your money to avoid scams.
  1. Offer Attractive Salaries

Salaries play a critical role in attracting new employees. Salaries should be competitive, and you should review them regularly to determine when they need to be adjusted and ensure they are in line with industry standards. Attractive salaries keep optimistic and qualified candidates close.

Salaries depend on many factors. Experience, location, education, and responsibilities are the most common factors in determining salaries. Before you hire anyone, you should be aware of the current average earnings in the job market based on the role.

  1. Offer Benefits to Employees

As the leader of a startup, you can increase the level of commitment in your staff by offering raises, rewards, bonuses, and promotions after achieving a big goal. Usually, an employee with a fixed salary is more likely to leave his current position if he finds a job with better pay. 

Therefore, employees with options for bonuses or promotions prefer to stay until projects are completed to receive the rewards. This is one of the most popular ideas in the job market. By offering benefits, you can show your team how much you appreciate their hard work and keep them feeling motivated to do a great job.

  1. Offer Training Opportunities

Corporate education and training also help attract diverse talent to your company. There are many options for optimizing collective performance, and coding bootcamps are a perfect example. These tech schools offer programs in data science, software development, cyber security, and other careers. 

Coding bootcamps courses last between six and twelve months, with cheaper tuition than a traditional university education. Bootcamps like General Assembly and Thinkful offer corporate training. Each program includes real-world practices, teamwork, corporate management, and more.

Is it a Good Idea to Work in Startups?

Yes. The growth of the tech industry in the world is an unstoppable trend. Although the competition is complex, many candidates look for these new companies to start their career paths. A Statista report in 2019 showed the growth of tech startups in Poland. These are the Polish cities with the best rates since that date:


Growth Rate


21 percent


20 percent


20 percent


Hiring the right people for your startup team is critical to its success. The right people can grow your business, save you time and money, and bring more value to your customers. New markets are evolving to offer healthier conditions for employees. The workforce in this century requires flexible, inclusive jobs that value the individual performance of each worker. Recruiting new talent and retaining current team members is an essential aspect of having a successful and productive company.

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