In the double bin kanban system, the consumer (downstream process) takes his supplies from the first bin until it gets empty(= order point reached). The empty bin is returned to supplier while consume goes on by supplying from second bin.

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The supplier understand the return of empty bin as a signal asking for supply. He knows that meanwhile his client is emptying thesecond bin (= order point crossed).

Double bin kanban method is most often used for low value, bulk parts: screws, nuts, bolts, small accessories…

The bin content quantity is generally the supplier's original delivery quantity (box of 100 screws, 1000 rivets…). If consumption is very fast, the quantity is adjusted placing for example 10 boxes of 100 screws in the bin and supply two bins.

A kanban system requires stable and fairly level demand, varying by no more than 10% to 20% at most. Shelf life may also be a factor.

Are there different flavors of Lean-Kanban? Kanban is about "starting where you are" and creating the best development flow to meet the requirements of your organization. Different team dynamics, restrictions and regulations, and different types of work mean that Kanban will look a little different from organization to organization -- even from team to team. This area explores a variety of ways teams are using Kanban in the field.

Kanban's visibility changes the relationship between management and their teams. It also allows managers to provide coaching and leadership to the team when necessary. Management respects that the team is doing their best but understands that sometimes teams don't see all the things they need to do.

Often Electronic Kanban solutions will use technology to improve the messages between operators – this can be done in a variety of ways but often incorporates the use of Electronic Barcodes. Bar coding, while around for many years, still has a big part to play in streamlining processes. They provide a fast, easy, and accurate method of data entry.

The goal of a Lean-Kanban transition is to improve delivery of value, increase speed and quality of delivery, and improve maintainability. To do this, lean initiatives coordinate between the management, the development process and the development technical practices.

When you are ready to roll up your sleeves and "go Lean", you will turn to practices. Kanban principles are embodied in practices such as visualization and limits. Developing these core practices plus recommended technical practices will drive your Kanban initiative on to continual improvement. Over the years Kanban has developed through use of technology and Electronic Kanban software is now prevalent in the marketplace.

Licencja: Creative Commons
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