There are several dozens companies on the market offering support in building the image of brand. Do you want to work with the right agency? Here are some tips which will help you choose the right partner.

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Branding agencies - what to pay attention to when choosing

There are many companies on the market offering support in building the image of a new brand. What elements should you pay attention to in a tender to choose a service provider in this field?

Business experience

When choosing a branding agency for cooperation, we should pay attention first of all to experience. The subject matter of branding has become very popular for several years. Many different companies have appeared on the market offering their support and advice in this area. Not many agencies, however, have in their team of experts who can be proud of several years of experience in this field.

Theory is not everything

It is very important that our future partner has a lot of practical knowledge. There are many specialists in the area of branding, but a great part of them are people who are familiar with this area more from the theoretical side than from the practice side.

Confirmed portfolio

A key element of selection. Without a professional creative and attractive creation there can be no success in branding activities. For this reason, one of the main criteria in selecting a company for cooperation should be the creative portfolio of the agency. On its basis, we can determine the scale and versatility of the experience, the versatility and level of the previous realizations, as well as the group of clients for whom the orders were realized.

Branding agency team

It is worth looking at who are the people who will take part in the project, e.g.: familiar with and understanding your business. The biggest problem with this is faced by typical advertising agencies. Without proper knowledge of the branding process, they cannot be a substantive partner. For this reason we rather suggest choosing a company related to the market. It is worthwhile for an agency to have people with experience in graphic, programmers, online marketing specialists.


In branding activities it is mainly the creativity of solutions that counts, and this costs a lot of work. The agency offering the lowest prices will not necessarily provide us with a good level of creativity and effectiveness of implementation, so this point should be guided by a careful evaluation of the relationship between price and quality.

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