The British Prince Consort, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. While he stood shoulder to shoulder with her in private, he always followed a step behind her in official capacity. Some claim he spent his entire life in the shadow of the sovereign. For years he was not much talked about. It was not until Philip’s death that he came to the spotlight. What were Prince Philip’s duties in the royal family? 

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Longest reigning Prince Consort 

When Philip came of age, 13-year-old Elizabeth came across his path. The young man immediately impressed the future heir to the throne. The royal couple did not approve of this acquaintance at the time: George IV saw Philip as a poor and pretentious man with associations with the Nazi regime. Nevertheless, in 1946, Philip was invited to Balmoral Castle, where he proposed. He was married to Elizabeth II for over 73 years. Together with the queen, he lived to see four children. On April 9, 2021, the entire world was shocked by two words: “Philip’s death.” Prince Philip died at Windsor Castle, at the age of 99. He was the longest-reigning consort of the British monarch in all of history. 

Most important supporting role and more 

The royal family’s duties have intrigued the public for years. In addition to the obligations of those in the front row, the duties of those who remain in the shadows are also of interest. Philip’s death has raised many questions about what the prince did at the royal court. Yet, not everyone is aware that Prince Philip patronized nearly 800 charities. He also established the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which aims to reinforce a sense of civic duty as well as develop physical fitness among young people. Most importantly, he oversaw the image of the royal family in the media. Back in 1969, with the Queen’s consent, he invited BBC cameras to the palace to make a documentary about the everyday life of the royal family. Prince Philip, among others, played a significant role in the documentary. 

The Duke of Edinburgh also gained publicity when the world heard about the relationship problems between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The royal couple tried to bring about a settlement between the couple. He also intervened in his son’s life before his marriage to the Princess of Wales, advising him to marry Diana or break off all contact with her.

Prince who made Elizabeth II laugh 

The legends speak volumes about Prince Philip’s sense of humor. He is said to have greatly enhanced his standing at the royal court, because he did not treat himself or the world too seriously. Philip’s death has led many to analyze his role at Buckingham Palace. One thing is sure: he had a peculiar sense of humor and often made – more or less intentionally – gaffes that amused to tears not only diplomats and the public, but also Queen Elizabeth herself. While many thought that his disposition was inappropriate for a person in his role and against protocol, he had his opinion and was not afraid to speak out loud. 

A summary of Prince Philip’s activities issued after his death stated that he was one of the most active members of the court. Over a period of 50 years he made 637 foreign visits, more than 18,500 encounters as a representative of the monarchy and almost 5,500 speeches.

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