The text is about learning languages which are very important nowdays. The text is particularly about learning foreign languages like English which is a very useful language.

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Each person dreams how to learn English effectively and wants to know English very well. Mostly English is regarded as the language one. More and more people know English and employers demand the knowledge of written and oral English as well as only oral as it was in the past. How to improve English? You have to enrol to a good school but you have to learn a lot of in order to develop your knowledge of English. Apart from the standard English course you have to listen a lot of music , read books in English or watch TV or watch DVDS. In the past learning foreign languages was very expensive- a private lesson costs 50 zlotys or more. There were a few teachers of English in Poland. There were places in Poland where there were only 2 teachers or even nobody was a professional teacher. There were few materials for learning of English. Now there are lot of teachers of English and the cost of foreign lesson is less expensive than in the past. Now there is the Internet which is a very rich place for materials of English like :,,,,,

You can read original books in the Interent as ,

You can watch free tv for example.,,

You can also find podcasts which are very good material for the development of English. In the Interenet you can findpenpals and you can write e: mails to them or to talk by skype. All these instructions are exaples which you can use in concern to the person.

Licencja: Creative Commons
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