This text is to introduce a new profession - a legal counsol if you are interested in more details look at website: www.stowarzyszeniedoradcó where you can know the most crucial details which refer to the new profession which is a position for young lawyers. The text is about : the legal status of legal counsols.

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A legal counsol - is the name used by lawyers who give legal adivices which do not belong to the barrister's bar , the legal advisor's bar or notarie's bar. The organization which gathers the members of society or represents its interests in the Society of legal counsol with the seat in Warsaw. The legal status of legal counsols -The legal basis for the activity of legal counsols in the Act of freedom economical activity. Legal counsols do not have insurance for the civil liablity. Legal counsols give legal advices or drafting legal documents. They can be attorneys in the administrative procedure. In civil cases they can be attorneys if they are linked by the order contract , however they can not be attorneys where there is the barrister -legal counsol obligation before the Supreme Court , The Supreme Administrative Court , The Constututional Tribunal or The State Tribunal. Legal counsols can not represent in empoyment cases , criminal cases or patent cases. In the administrative cases they can represent enteprenours in which they link the work relationship.In the judgment of the Tribunal Court from 26 November in 2003 in the sinitature SK 22/02 for the first time it was established the conception that biding regulations allow to conduct the self -employed legal company with the higher education.As the result legal offices were established for the people who graduated from law department , but they did not belong to the bar as to the barrister bar or the advisor bar. A legal counsol is a profession as a barrister , a notary , a legal counsel or a debt-collector. A lot of legal counsols are very good as lawyers as well as barristers , advocatates. They know foreign languages as well as their Polish language. There are some legal counsols who know German, English , French or other. Many people practice as lawyers under the title called a legal counsol. Who can be a legal counsol? A legal counsol can be a person who can graduate from the law department and can enrol to the Council Society or not because enroling to the society is voluntary. They are quick and talented as lawyers. In diferent countries there are legal counsols for example in the Scandinavian countries which are the pattern for legal counsols.

Licencja: Creative Commons