Świnoujscie is a famous resort with many attractions for everone, if you are young or old, you can see a lot of interesting places there. I have been to this place many times and I will introduce my personal opinion for spending summer holidays in this place.

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Świnoujscie is a famous resort which is at the Baltic Sea which is the Polish -German frontier. Świnoujscie is the resort which was the German resort in the past where there are a lot of people who travelled from all corners of the world in order to rest in a wonderful place. After the Second World War it became a part of Poland. It is a place with the longest beach and the national park with rare plants and animals. You can walk along the beach from Poland to Germany.

There are a lot of cafes , restaurants , pubs where you can dance and eat delicious food. The best is to eat some fish which is a typical fish food, furthermore there are restaurants with pizzas where you eat delicious food.

In addition to the mentoned facts it is regarded as the window to the world where you can travel to scandivian countries as Sweden , Denmark, Norway by a ferry. you can visit in one day by a ferry to Oslo , Copenhagen ,Malmo which are known as historical places with magificient places.  Germany is very near so no wonder a lot of trips are organized to Berlin, Hamburg, Lubeck and Greiswald.  Last summer holidays I was in Greiswald and Straslund which are wonderful cities for me. I was walking along the beach and I saw three famous resorts as Albeck , Bansin , Herngisorf. I saw a lot of cafes, restaurants, villas which were built in the XIX century or in beginning of 20 th century which were renovated. Famous people spent their holidays in this city. I liked walking along the pier in Heringdorf. In Świnoujscie I liked walking in the old town or I admired villas which were renovated in the last ten year. At night I played with the group of friends and I ate a lot of food as ice-creams or fish. I think it was a wonderful time. In the next year I am planning to travel to Śwnoujscie and I am going to visit Sweden.

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