This text is about legal professions which refer to different jobs which are in Poland as : a judge , a prosecutor , an advocate , a legal avisor or a notary public and  all these jobs play a crucial role in Poland. A lot of graduates want to study in these professions as : a judge , a public) prosecutor , a notary  public.

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After graduating from law department a graduate of MA studies can be a judge , a public prosecutor , an advocate and a legal adviser or a notary public. A judge is an official who presides over a court and decides cases. He settles disputes and admisters justice on behalf of the state. He exercises his power indepependently to subjests as : the Constutitution, the laws , ratified international agreements and the Community law. The judge in Poland plays other functions as the judge in Common law but he gives judgments. The Tribunal Court creates law in some cases. A public prosecutor is the representative of the prosecution and its responsible for conducting the preparatory proceedings in criminal cases, presenting the indictment and prosecuting in court , undertaking actions which set forth in the laws. Both judges and prosecutors undertake actions which are based on the principle of impartiality and the equlity of treatment of all citizens. An advocate and a legal advisor are two professions which are very crucial in Poland. An advocate is a person who represents people in the court particularly in criminal and civil cases and family cases. An advocate defences clients in the criminal cases. In the family court an advocate is resposible for conducting divorces as well guardinanship cases or adoption cases.Legal advisors deal with civil cases and commercial cases. They involve in disputes and represent people in court. Barristers and legal advisors provide legal advice , drafting legal opinions. A legal advisor deals with business and public administration cases.Barristers work mostly in their independent companies while legal advisors work in business companies. A notary is a lawyer who is appointed by the Minister of Justice and is responsible for the following duties as :drafting contracts, drafting contracts in the form of notarial deeds or cerifications etc, providing independent and impartial adivice to the contractural parties and providing legal advice to contracts. The documents which are issued by a notary known as official documents. There are other legal professions as a legal counsel -a new profession which was established after the Judgment of the Tribunal Court. According to this judgment graduates have the rights to give legal advisors as well as people who are barristers or legal adivisors. They give legal advices in different fields as : Criminal Law or Civil Law or Labour Law or Tax Law. Legal counsols give advices both in civil law. Tax lawyers are very popular professions , some tax advisors are lawyers , some are not lawyers but economists. A tax advisor writes opinions which refer to tax law. A patent attorney is a job for lawyers which deals with patents and copy rights law. There are diferent professions as : a judge, a public prosecutor, an advocate , a legal advisor , a tax advisor, a patent attorney or a legal counsol.

Licencja: Creative Commons