A man slips on banana peel. Audience laughs uproariously and the slip-fall is a staple of slapstick comedy. Nonetheless, slips are a major occupational safety issue.

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They are one of the most common and preventable accident at work claim.
In recent years, slip/fall lawsuits have increased in both frequency and in the amount of monetary award. The business owner, the cleaning contractor, the floor finish manufacturer and the floorcare supply distributor can all be held liable, and often are. As a consequence, the cost of liability insurance is reducing corporate profitability on many fronts and forcing some smaller companies and municipalities to either close their doors or risk continuing without insurance.

In response to these issues, there has been developed several training aids to support efforts towards accident prevention and implementation of an effective floor safety program. The primary objective of any floor safety program is accident prevention. That accidents can result in lawsuits, sometimes endangering the financial well-being of a business, is also of major concern.

The Health and Safety Commission in the UK identified slips and trips as one of eight priorities. The reason they account for the highest number of major injuries and occur across all industry sectors. In the manufacturing and service sectors, they are the most frequent cause of non-fatal major injuries. For further information the best to check the compensation guide.
Slippery floors are a factor in most slip-falls. Spills and debris can be hazardous on any walking surface, so good housekeeping practices are essential. Clean spills immediately, and mop or sweep up any debris.
For floors with a hard mineral surface, such as tiles or polished untreated concrete, a non-slip treatment can help reduce falls.
Floors in workplaces where people continually enter from outdoors will often be wet in the winter and when it rains. For example, in shopping malls, hotels, grocery stores and fast food outlets employees and customers can slip and fall where the floor surface is wet. In commercial kitchens and some industrial operations, grease or oils may settle on the floor, increasing the chance of a slip-fall. A non slip mats are needed when wet or greasy floors are inevitable.
A floor covering does not eliminate the need for good housekeeping. The floor must still be properly cleaned to maintain its anti-slip surface. Some suppliers offer regular inspections to ensure continued floor safety.

Licencja: Creative Commons
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