Running your own online business requires being very open to the needs and expectations of potential customers.

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How to improve your customer service in ecommerce

This is especially important in the case of online stores, where the customer can currently choose from many websites and is usually not particularly attached to the seller. To build customer loyalty, store owners need to ensure that they feel properly looked after and served at the highest possible level. Chatbot can be perfect for this task.

Chatbot that supports you in the purchasing process

Chabot is nothing more than a virtual assistant that can help you make the right buying decision, shorten the time of order processing thanks to quick and reliable answers to the most frequently asked questions of customers. They do not have to contact the service office and wait for an answer, which is particularly important when shopping for the weekend, when usually customer service offices are closed and the answer to the question comes even after 48 hours.

The instant response of the chatbot can make the customer make a decision faster, and the mere fact of getting quick help will build in him the feeling that the store actually cares about him.

Chatbot that supports you  after shopping

In the case of online stores, it is extremely important how the customer is served after the purchase: whether he is kept informed about the progress of the order, whether the store informs about possible delays in delivery and other issues that are important from the customer's point of view. Chatbot can cope well with this role, dispelling all customer doubts or responding to every customer's question regarding the order. It turns out that this element greatly affects the building of loyalty to a given store and makes the competition ceases to be so attractive and tempting for the customer even despite better offers.

this is of course only part of the advantages of implementing chatbot in an online store. The growing interest in this type of solutions and thus the growing expectations of customers regarding modern technologies mean that investment in chatbot pays off faster than entrepreneurs calculate.

Licencja: Creative Commons
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