In this text I am going to describe a positition of lawyer which is very profitable and known in the world. I will introduce different jobs which keep lawyers. It is only the introduction of the problem which is known.

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A lawyer is a very demanding job by young people. A lot of people think that lawyers can earn a lot of money that they have big companies , in fact lawyers do not have a lot of money. Only a very little group can earn a lot of money. Even if you earn a lot of money as a lawyer it does not mean that it will happen at the young age but later when you are older person as 45 or older. People prefer experienced lawyers than the young ones who have lityle experience. Most people think that after law they can work as lawyers known as barristers or legal adisors. It is possible to work in other positions as a patent attorney - a person who deals with patent law, a european lawyer - a person who is a specialist on the subject of European law, an International lawyer who is responsible for drafting international contracts and responsible for international cases , such lawyer is fluent in English, Spanish , French or other languages. There is also a new position of a lawyer called as a lawyer - linguist , a person who can work as a translator , this position is very famous now  in the European Union. There are a lot of lawyers who are lawyer -linguists who are responsible for translations of texts from English into Polish or from Polish into English. Some Polish lawyers can work as lawyer-linguists or officials. In the European institutions there are a lot of officials who work as lawyers , drafting legal documents , giving opinions. Some lawyers can work as journalists who write legal texts.

Licencja: Creative Commons