In this text I would like to introduce Polish law which has civil law system , one of the most poular system of law. I will try to introduce crucial ideas as : Polish law , Civil Law System, different laws. My text is the information for people who would like to know something about Polish System of Law.

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Polish law is the Civil Law System which is based on codes but not precedents which are typical for Common Law. In Poland the main source of law is based on wriiten law. Polish law has a very long history which is best decribed in the History of State , written by Bardah who is a very famous Polish law professor. Polish law was founded in the Middle Ages and later some legal acts were established in the Reneissance times.Poland was known for its constutution from 3 th May from 1791 which was known as one of the first constitutions. Poland was divided into partitions and it did not exist for a long time as a country until 1918 when Poland regained independence as a country. Polish lawyers had a very difficult task after the First World War because there were no Polish Legislation. In each partition there were different laws , in Russian partition there was Russian Law , in Austrian partition was only Austrian law, in Prussian partition was German law. Polish lawyers who were mostly educated in Austria and Germany , they knew languages very well and German and Austrian law. Polish system of law was based on German and Austrian law. Polish lawyers founded Civil Code, Criminal Code or other Codes. Now in Poland after 1989 there were made a lot of changes in law too. Now in Poland our law system is based on Civil Law and its near German law and France law. There is also some influnce of USA law as the world is globalized in the world. Now in Poland there are a lot of codes as :Criminal Law Code, Criminal Procedure Law, Civil Law Code , Civil Procedure Code , Commercial Code or other codes. Polish law is not based on Common law. Now the world is globalized so there are a lot English companies or International Companies, in which there is the demand of languages particularly in Polish and in English. In 2004 Poland became the member of the UE that is why European law became a very crucial subject. Polish lawyers use a lot of UE regulations in their jobs.

Licencja: Creative Commons