Stags have been an important tradition since ancient times. This was an event that was organized before a significant transformation took place in one's life. These parties are meant to be fun without any underlying agenda or a theme.

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 To make the party a blast and moment of a lifetime you have to plan to set it in motion. The problem with these parties in that, all the members get drunk and the night is spent without anyone doing anything interesting. Wroclaw is a city situated in the South East of Poland.

This city has a deep history to it and cultural traditions runs back to ancient times. Today, this city has is like any of the advanced cities in the world, is house of many businesses, restaurants, theatres and top class educational institutions. This place also is buzzing with tourists and has many attractions.

The nightlife is also very vibrant and the pubs are open till the wee hours. Here is how to make the night memorable:

1) Decide the names of the people who you are going to invite. Most of these stag parties are bachelor parties. The guest list is therefore should be the liking of the groom. Invite all your friends who have stuck with you for long and would love to be a part of this joyous transition. Do invite a lot of folks; otherwise the party would become noisy and chaotic. This event should your group bonding.

2) In many traditions, the fathers of the bride and groom are invited. If you are a stickler for traditions, than you can have two stag parties one with the parents and one with your friends.

3) If it is a one day event, then set a proper schedule so that you enjoy to evening to the fullest. There many attractions in the city and a city tour would be great before you get into the business of partying.

4) Finally, this is a momentous occasion and will be a blast even with a limited budget. The idea is that everybody has a blast, since you will not be able to have many such occasions in the future.

Licencja: Creative Commons