In this text I would lke to introduce the main ideas which deal with the profession of a translator. A translator as a profession is a very popular subject nowdays. More and more people would like to conduct a profession of translator in Poland or abroad. In this text I will introduce the main ideas which cocern the profession of translator.

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A lot of people dream about a profession of a translator who works in different places in Poland or abroad. Who can be a translator? A translator can be a person who likes to translate texts from their mother tongue to the translated text , or from the translated text into their mother tongue. An education does not matter in this field of translating. Abilities can play more crucial role in this field. There are different types of translators. There are people who know English perfectly because they lived abroad for a long time or they are from bi-lingual families and they graduated from different departments as history or law. There are people who graduated from English philogy or Polish philogy , known as good translators of literature. If you are going to be a specialist translator it is recommended to graduate from English philology and another subject as history , law or economics , having such profile you will be considered as a highly known translation who knows both the subject and the language. If you are going to be a technical translator , it is recommended to graduate from English philogy and polytechnics because there is the demand for technical translations. Medicine is a big medical field which concerns pharmacy, medical things or medical theory. There is the demand for the translation of medical texts. Medical translations are mostly conducted by translatars as doctors who know both medicine and English. Many experts of translation say that a good translator is a combination of skills and knowledge.

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