In this short text I would like  to introduce common law system of law and civil law system  introducing similarities and differences between two systems. I introduce such terms as legal system , codified and precedents.

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In the world there are two systems of law, one system of law is called Common Law and another system of law the Civil Law system. The world is divided into two main systems of law. There are other systems of law as the Japanese system of law , the Chinese system of law  or Islam Law. In the ancient times Roman lawyers formed Roman law which was the base of civil law system. Roman law was codified as the Corpus Juris Civilis by the ruler Justinian in 529 AD. The Civil Law system was based on Roman Law System. The Civil Law system is based on codes which are codified. One of the most famous code was written in Germany and it was known as the German Civil Code of 1900. Now codes are the main source of law in the Civil Law System. In Poland, in Germany or other European countries there are codes as Civil Code, Criminal Code , Administrative Code , Civil Procedure or Criminal Code Procedure. This sysystem of law is very popular  in European countries  as in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Chech Republic, Slovakia, Italy or Russia or other European countiries and in the South America in which the system of law is based on Spain. Common law is based on precedents  and it dominates in countries known as Anglophone countries as the Great Britain , the United States of America and Canada. Common law system is very popular among countries which were British colonies which are situated in Africa, Asia or Australia.  Common law and civil law are different. In Common law the main source of law are cases which are given by judges , while Civil law is codified.

Licencja: Creative Commons