When, in our office we need to print some documents or important information that we want to read on paper, for example in the underground on our way home, we need to use a printer.

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Nowadays, we hale different kinds of work, we do. Some people work in offices, banks, schools and other institutions, but at the same time a lot of people work at home. Their employment agreement demands their work from home. Such jobs are for example: tele-work, babysitting, welfare, guardianship, implementation of some parts, which do not need too much space and machines ( pens, plastic parts). However, not only those people work at home, some bosses or journalist can also work at home. A lot of people simply take their work home.

Among those people, who reported working at home, at least once a week at home, majority uses a computer or notebook, as a part of their work at home. Second place took the telephone and fax machine, internet or other appliances. Significant things that we have in our offices are: desks, boards, hole punches, trash cans, letter openers, bookcases, swivel chairs, scissors, notepads, staplers or paper clips. This range of things does not need electricity to use them. Electric appliances such as: typewriters, photocopiers, desk lamps, calculators, printers or cell phones. Therefore, equipment at work can be divided into two parts, one working without electricity or batteries, the other needing power. For example many people today do not have regular telephones in their homes or offices, instead they use only their cell phones, because it can go anywhere with them. It needs only a charged battery to go with it. If your battery is uncharged, you can use your mobile. This equipment is easy to use, you dial numbers, send text messages, record something ( for example business meeting), take some photos and the only thing you have to do is charge the battery and learn how to use your mobile. Nowadays, they are more and more complicated in service. You can do everything on you mobile, they serve businessman as small version of their notebooks.

Another important thing used in offices and at home is a notebook. A laptop is a type of portable computer that is smaller and can be carried and used in different places. Now with new technology many people use WIFI (WIreless FIdelity) to connect to the internet without cords. They can take their laptops anywhere and work outside of the office. Before people had computers they used to use electric typewriters, and before that they used normal typewriters.

When, in our office we need to print some documents or important information that we want to read on paper, for example in the underground on our way home, we need to use a printer. This machine allows for information from the computer to be printed onto a piece of paper, and it is easier to read in a bus or train something written on paper that taking out our laptop, opening it, downloading files and reading in on the monitor. Think what if there is not too much place or crowd around you, and what if your battery gets low, and there is no place to charge it? Definitely it is better to have the documents printed.

Another important machine in many offices, is a photocopier. A photocopier takes the image from the pieces of paper and copies it, but it does not send it anywhere, you can make copies of some data or documents and give it to other members of staff or your coworkers. It needs to be connected to electricity all the time and usually photocopiers are big and heavy so it is difficult to take them with you, but to use it in the office it is simple to do, just press the “copy button”. Last thing we use at work is a fax machine, which copies a piece of paper, sends it through phone line to other offices. At the other end the image is copied onto another piece of paper for them to be read.

In offices and also at home we use a lot of equipment. It needs electricity and human powers as well. There is no machine that would work without people operating it. So even simple fax machine would not work if we did not switch it on.

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Licencja: Creative Commons
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