We can find everything what we want on internet and use such devices as MSN or SKYPE to chat with other people. But do we know the difference between HTML and URL?

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Article about women and computers

In the era of progress and modernity, computers are basic equipment we need. Everyone has to be prepared for using it at work or at home. Not only men have to deal with computers but what is more frightening women also need to do that. For some of us computers are like black magic and at the beginning we do not know how to get to the bottom of it. However, we need to have basic knowledge of computer vocabulary and know how to use some computer devices because it will make our life easier and will not cause so many destructions and damages.

Some claim, that it is more difficult for women to name the computer’s parts, the same as to name the parts of a car. Basic things like: keyboard, mouse, CD-Rom or CPU ( Central Processing Unit) are easy to name but what if we focus on more detailed parts of computers. We may not have any idea about common devices such as: writeable CD drives, zip drives and external modems. What is more, we use such words like screen, desktop, wallpaper or monitor interchangeably, where the meaning of those things is completely different. When we use computers, we do not think about such things as software or hardware, eventhough they are basic parts of it. Software gives detailed set of instruction to tell the computer exactly what to do and hardware are the physical part of a computer that we can touch like CPU or mouse. What is more, not many female pay attention to what is RAM (Random Access Memory) or ROM (Read Only Memory). Women may get easily terrified if they think of their computers being affected by a virus. In order to avoid it, we must remember about installing antivirus software or changing the system which has already been affected. Do we ever wonder why many computers can be linked together and that this process is called networking.

Women, contrary to men, are more into program’s aesthetics rather than its actual functional capabilities. Female users of computers can be called passive users because if there are any problems with the equipment like with operating system or input devices

( mouse, joy stick, track ball, scanner or printer). It gets even more difficult when it comes to file recognition. We simply have basic knowledge how to use MS Office, how to write a text in WORD or count something in EXCELL, how to make presentation in POWERPOINT or how to listen to music in Windows Media Player but what if we were supposed to use DOS ( disk operating system), we would probably not be able to differentiate one file from the other. Another task that is burdensome for women is programming. Much easier is with playing games or using the internet, maybe because those are main parts of entertainment. We can find everything what we want on internet and use such devices as MSN or SKYPE to chat with other people. But do we know the difference between HTML and URL? Do we know that first is the document format used on the Internet, and the other the address that defines the route to a file on a Web server.

Getting to know about personal computers is one thing, and making full use of it is another. And we must think do we, women take much of his device. Do we use it In proper and make the most o fit. Maybe to check are we aware of what we use, you can answer those questions: Do you know the RAM in your computer? What is the available space on your HARD DISK? What kind of Graphic Card you use? What kind of OUTPUT Devices you use? If you know the answers to those questions you are not average computer user, but if you do not, you should pay more attention to your computer. Do not only surf the internet or watch movies, you need also to learn some basic things, in order not to be deceived when you will buy a new one. Computers and women may not get along, nevertheless that does not make female incapable of using computers, it is just a matter of practice and reading few technical books and we will use computer devices with such easiness as we use kitchen equipment.

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Licencja: Creative Commons
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