This text was designed for people who are connected with water transportation. In this introduction I want to add that this type of carriage is becoming more and more popular especially among very rich people. The most common types of „water vehicles” that such people are owning are luxurious boats or ships.

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Advantages of owning boats

            Why rich people are deciding to buy a yacht or other kind of water transportation? There are many reasons. Some people have got a lot of money and they don't know what to do with them. Most rich people are buying exclusive boats and yachts, because these kinds of water transportation are providing a lot of adventures and good experiences. For a lot of American citizens yachts are the best places to spend holidays or vacation. There is a big variety of opportunities to spend free time on boats and every „kind” of people can find their favorite option. For example quiet people can spend their vacation on a quiet lake or river. They will find a lot of peace in such place. It is a very good opportunity to take a rest from everyday life and to „load batteries”. On the other hand active people can also find spending time on boats very attractive. For example yacht or boat can be transported to a sea or big river. Such type of rest can be very exciting.

            Some people who are boat owners are using them to earn money. For example they are offering small transportation services or trips for tourists. Believe me that you are available to earn a lot from trips on lakes or on sea (of course small yachts are only available to swim near the shore). Another opportunity to earn from boats is fishing. Sea fish are very popular and expensive, so sea fishermen can earn a lot thank to their boats.

Now let's consider the most important aspect. Let's talk about boat transportation.

Boat transportation

            Boat shipping is a very important kind of service. There will be nothing from things and advantages mentioned above without boat transportation. This kind of service is very common in many countries and it's still developing. Thank to such services people are available to transport their „water vehicles” from every point in the world to any point in the world. It's important especially when you are going to transport your boat from lake to lake. You can't swim through land so in this case boat transportation services are required.

            There are two main types of boat transport. First one is transportation through land. Thank to it people are available to carry yachts for example from lake to other lake. In this situation boats are transported by truck. This type of carriage is very fast.

            The next also very important kind of boat transportation is transport through water on special big carrier. It's important for small boats that can't travel through the open sea or ocean. It's also very helpful when you are looking for a quick transportation.

            Both kinds of yacht transportation are very important and they are also popular among many people thank too many advantages of using these services. The most important advantage is that boat shipping is very quick and not so expensive. Another good side is that there are many companies which are fighting for clients. The effects of such fight are very positive for potential customers. There are many attractive prices and promotions thank to such big concurention on boat transport market

Direct Boat Shipping

            Direct Boat Shipping is a new, but very good company which is offering shipping and boat carriage through the world. Thank to it people are available to transport their boats from any point A to B in different parts of the globe through land or water. This company services are based on experience and innovations. The company can cooperate with a lot of carriers, so they will do their best to find a very attractive price. Apart from this Direct boat Shipping is sending specialists who are controlling the whole load procedure. It's an American company, but it's easy to access it in Europe, because apart from main Chicago office, this firm has got also two more offices in Europe. They are placed in Dusseldorf and Bratislava.

            Another advantage of using services of Direct boat Shipping is All Risk Transport Insurance. There is always some risk of damaging yacht or boat that is being transported.

The final conclusion

            Boat transport is very important and it will be more popular in the future. There are many companies that are offering this type of services. Yacht shipping is developing and it will be still developing through many years.

Licencja: Creative Commons
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