The article was designed for  owner operators and trucking companies owners and managers who work in transportation industry. Tax professionals are also our clients and they are using our IFTA.BIZ software.

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The article was designed for  owner operators and trucking companies owners and managers who work in transportation industry. Tax professionals are also our clients and they are using our IFTA.BIZ software. It can be especially important for people who are going to start a new transportation corporation, because experienced truckers should know a lot about the aspects which are going to be presented here. All of these people have got a lot of problems with IFTA taxes, forms and reports and the task of our application is to help them.

Basic information about transportation corporations.

            Motor carriers are very common in USA. It's a very lucrative kind of business, but it is also connected with many different taxes. One of them is called fuel tax. It's difficult to calculate IFTA tax without any special help or software. Our website is providing such help. Trucking companies can solve their fuel tax problems with our application.

            A lot of Americans want to earn more money and they are changing their professions, because of global crisis. Many of them are deciding to start their own transportation business. It's very lucrative, but it is also creating many difficulties. I think that the most common problems that new truckers have are connected with IFTA taxes. They are connected with many different rules, permits and licenses for truckers.

What is IFTA ?

             IFTA – International Fuel Tax Associations (or Agreement). It's a corporation that is controlling fuel tax in United States of America and in some of Canadian districts. Transportation companies should file their federal fuel tax reports to IFTA.

            Fuel tax is a mandatory IFTA tax that should be paid by all transportation companies from nationwide states. Trucking companies can have serious law problems, if they don't pay this important tax. Especially new firms have to remember about it.

Fuel tax calculations

             Motor fuel tax is difficult to calculate without a proper tool or computer application.  All trucking companies should perform quarterly fuel tax reporting. This operation is also called IFTA filing. IFTA reports are based on very important information:  number of vehicles, millages travelled by them and purchased gallons of fuel.

             The process of fuel tax reporting can be very easy with IFTA.BIZ.  Calculating without our software is very difficult for all kinds of transportation companies. Especially small firms and one person trucking companies have got problems, because they are not earning so much to hire a professional or financial agency. Fortunately there are many options that can solve these problems and our website is one of them.

How to solve problems with State fuel tax reporting?

             Transportation companies which have got problems with IFTA filing are using many options to solve their problems with tax on fuel. A lot of trucking businesses are hiring specialists. These employees are called tax professionals. They can calculate the amount of new fuel tax. It's a good solution, but the only disadvantage is that professionals are requiring high payouts.

            Another solution which is also very often used by carriage corporations are financial agencies. These companies are also very helpful. They can calculate all IFTA taxes and other kinds of tax. It's a very good solution, but the only disadvantage is the same as in hiring a tax professional. Payment for such service is also very high.

How to improve our work?

            IFTA.BIZ is a very good website designed for trucking companies and their managers. It contains a special online software that is calculating fuel tax refund and it can generate documents connected with IFTA taxes. With this program you can calculate IFTA taxes for a very attractive ($14,99) price. As you can see this solution is much cheaper than hiring professionals or financial agencies. The price is very low - $14,99 for first truck and only $1,99 for every next truck. There are also other very attractive payment options (subscriptions, for example $24.95 for unlimited number of vehicles quarterly report).  Another advantage of this site is usage. It's an online IFTA software. That means it doesn't have to be downloaded. There are also no contract signings required. The work of application is very simple. Your only task is to provide the necessary information (vehicles, millages, fuel type) and after a few minutes the software will create state form in a PDF file. The additional info is that an e-file will be available for some states in near future.

            There is also an opportunity to try the application for free. Truckers can create a free demo account to check the work of this software. It's very easy and simple.  The website is very useful and it's still developing. It will allow to calculate other taxes in the future (for example Weight Distance Tax and Highway Use Tax).

            IFTA.BIZ has also got a very friendly and experienced customer service. They are organizing free phone consultations or meetings with clients. They can be very helpful.

            This website is a very comfortable and notable solution and every trucker should know it. It can improve work and save a lot of valuable time and money which are very important in transportation industry.

Final words

            To conclude – IFTA filing is a very difficult activity. There are many specialists who can help, but their services are expensive. Fortunately our software is a good alternative which is very cheap and effective solution. You can save time and money thank to it. That's all about the subject area of trucking companies and their problems with International Fuel Tax Agreement taxes. These information are the most important. More of them are available on our website.

            Our company is going to create a special application similar to IFTA.BIZ. It will help to calculate tax 2290. We are also providing over 20 services for transportation companies such as financing, insurance and other very important types of services. You can find more information on our websites.

Licencja: Creative Commons
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