International boat and yacht shipping is becoming a very important type of service. A lot of owners of big boats are using yacht transportation companies and their help. Big yachts are very expensive, so it's important to lift them on and off very careful. Our website is providing the most valuable services connected with boat shipping. 

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           The services of our company are based on experience and innovation. Our shipping methods are very competitive. Thanks to cooperation with many carriers in many parts of the world we can find very attractive prices for our customers. Our company is specializing in boat transportation through water (sea, lakes etc.) and through land (we can transport boats on truck). Thanks to this option yachts can be transported from our client's house to every place (or harbour) in the world. What is more our firm is offering services of transportation of big and small yachts. We are cooperating with a lot of big and small carriers from the whole world, so the prices are very reasonable and you can ship boat everywhere.

            Direct Boat Shipping is very useful website. Our company can help to ship boat from every point „A” in the world to every point „B” in the globe (thanks to our wide contacts among carriers in the whole world). There are many advantages of using our services. First of all we are sending very experienced load masters. Their task is to make sure that the boat or yacht will be placed properly on carrier. It will guarantee that our clients boats will arrive safe to their destination.

            Our company is very easy to access in the Europe and North America. We have got three offices. The main office is placed in United States (Chicago), two more are localized in Slovakia (Bratislava) and in Germany (Dusseldorf). Of course clients from other continents can also use our very attractive services.

            We recommend to use our All Risk Transport insurance. There is always a chance that a boat can be damaged, so it's good to insure your yacht (it's especially important for boats which are worthy millions of dollars). The next very important advantage of our firm are free and very fast quotes. They include all costs connected with transportation procedure (no hidden costs). You just need to fill out a special form and you will be able to get a free estimate from our company. Our experienced staff (10 years of combined experience) is also offering free consultations. We are not an insurance broker, but we are offering help with all formalities.

            Another big advantage of Direct Boat Shipping are prices. Our corporation is looking for the best transportation solutions and good prices for clients. Direct Boat Shipping can be perfect for owners of big yachts, boat dealers and companies which are chartering boats. We can also cooperate with other transportation and broker firms. If you have any question, please feel free to ask them through a special form, e-mail or phone.

            Our company is also cooperating with a lot of carriers who own very big and safe shipping marine. Thanks to our wide contacts and 10 years of combined experience clients are satisfied with our services.

            As you can see our services are very attractive. We are offering very affordable solutions and we also allow to negotiate the price with our customers. It's a very comfortable solution which isn't being offered by competitive companies. Another feature which is marking our company out in boat transportation industry are very fast and free quotes which are made by very experienced customer service (ten years of combined experience is a good recommendation for them). Our another advantage are very wide contacts with a lot of big, small and safe carriers in the whole world (not a lot of boat shipping firms have got so much contacts). Our competition doesn't have so much experienced staff and it's difficult to reach them from Europe. Direct Boat Shipping is very easy to reach for European clients, because we have got three main offices in North America and Europe. They are placed in Chicago, Dusseldorf and Bratislava. It can also be reached by people from other continents thanks to this website.

            If you are looking for the best international boat transport solutions, please use services of our company. We are making sure that your boat will reach the target without any damage. The prices for such valuable services are very competitive and there are no hidden costs. DBS is also offering FREE help for firms. You can use free consultations and quote. Our firm is also helping clients with formalities connected with insurance. Not so many competitive companies are offering such assist.

            Direct Boat Shipping is a very useful company. Boat shipping without our services can cause a lot of problems and our task is to solve them. The website of our firm will also give you a lot of valuable information about shipping and about services offered by our corporation. We recommend to visit all sections of this site. It will help you very much and thanks to it you will be able to find answers for your questions connected with boat shipping services.

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