Employer branding is an complex field of study, that uses marketing, human resources and psychology instruments to create certain way of perceiving your enterprise.

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What is employer branding and why it is becoming a necessity

In summ - all activities, that makes your employees more comfortable and happy at work and convincing them, that your enterprise is probably the best place that they could be working at the moment. This is also improving company reputation on the outside and engaging people currently looking for a new job to apply to your place. No matter who you are looking for - project manager or scrum.So how to make your developer recruitment process much easier?

Complexity of employer branding is really wide and contains a number of component parts. Below, I am going to explain main six:

Communication and branding

Well, after all branding is in the name so it’s not a big surprise. Crucial part of this is to create the most engaging and suitable for your audience brand.It has to be convincing for them, speaks in this same language as your audience and share this same value. This it the theory, implementing this into life is always much harder.

Creating consistent visual identification, that goes along with your communication process is key when talking about external part of employer branding. Those two components are positioning your brand and creates image, that should be adjusted to fulfill expectations of your target-group.


But good designed employer branding is not only about fancy logo and nice colours. It’m mainly about feelings towards your company brand. The better you look outside, the stronger feelings about your brand along both your current employees and future candidates.

Whole recruitment process that you are putting your candidates throughout is one of the most flagrant example. When process is smooth, with both parties knowing whole procedure you are telling something about your organisation culture. People value transparency and reasonable rules, so if you want to convince employee to work for you, you should start from day one.

Analyze your data

Modern world is more and more crazy about analytics. Since everything is measured, people want to have a value out of those measurements. Having that in mind, gathering data about your employees careers and competition development could be extremely handy for you. Those information are a foundation to proper company growth. In regards to employer branding, the most important aspect then is to engage your employees to constantly improve themselves.

Social engineering and people science

As I’ve mentioned few times before, employer branding is truly interdisciplinary field of study. It also have it’s sociological aspect to it. Main goal, that you want to achieve is to create engaging and clear communication for everyone in your target-group. To do so, you have to compare various key data. Employees motivation research, check what is really influencing team attitude and investigate what lays in the foundations of decision making within teams in your company.


Whole communication of a company have to be rock solid. Person, who is specialised in employer branding is going to prepare materials for new candidates, marketing campaigns or even big events, that will be praising your brand. To do so, experience in design thinking is going to be invaluable.

New technologies

This is inevitable in modern times. You have to know how to operate with new systems and apps. Especially, when more and more marketing automation tools available in the market. But this is old news, every human resources person should be up to date with new technologies.

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