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Who modern IT HR person is and what skills should have


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Who modern IT HR person is and what skills should have

Do you ever wanted a career in human resources department but deep inside you just like all of the IT related stuff?

I have a great news for you - now, when unemployment rates is dropping down, the demand for highly skilled HR professional who could find programmer just fit for a job is skyrocketing right now. Especially if you have a certain set of skills. Skills that would help you out with fishing out the talents.


Attention to detail


To be frank, it’s one of the most important skills, that you should ever had when it comes to recruiting right person for a job. Your company is looking for “java developer” or “full-stack”? Dig deeper; find out what new person is expected to be doing and know exactly all of the requirements. Maybe talk with the members of the team that this person will be joining about their needs and confront that with their project manager. That way you are going to have full picture about this opening and in the end you can ask more suitable question during the interview with the candidate to determine if this person is the right one.


Be proactive


Being proactive, especially during the first step of the recrutation is really crucial thing. When we are talking about IT, you can easily bet that candidate that you are currently having job interview with is considering wide options of working place. So, you have to make the best impressions on them, to encourage developer to join in. First of all don’t let candidates walk all over you. Be in charge of the interview talk and set the rules, that are clear for both ends of the deal.


Don’t be scared


I know, that it is pretty self explanatory, but when it comes to conducting job interview you have to be open minded and as much easygoing as possible. You can’t be afraid of the candidates that you are going to be talking with. Meeting with candidate is really important. When it’s possible don’t restrict yourself to the phone call or online IT recruitment tool such a Skype. Getting to know each other in flesh and bones leaves much better impressions. Especially when it comes to building long term relationship they have to be build on the good foundations.


Be decisive


Imagine situation. You are looking for full-stack developer for your team on the full time and the search is taking really long time. Your boss is getting really irritated and team is working overtime because project has to be finished before deadline. Yet one day you get perfectly fitted CV on your mail and decide to call this candidate (to be frank, you are desperate enough to schedule job interview with anyone at this moment).


Everything seems fine, yet during the interview you feel that something might be a little fishy. Some of the candidate answers are not satisfying enough or candidate is lacking knowledge in the most basic areas. Then don’t be afraid to pull away the deal from the table. Remember, good recruiter is not afraid to decide to stop the process if things aren’t lined up the way they should be. Even if whole recrutation process is taking a way longer that it was expected to. You have to find the best one, not anyone.


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