So the day has come. You have successfully started your enterprise and found first customers, who are willing to use your services. Now you are looking for source of constant sales leads stream as well as good promotion. At the end if nobody knows about your company, how you are going to sell anything.

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Do you know what SEO is and why it’s so important?

Yet deciding what channel of promotion you are going to invest in should be well thought and responsible choice. Especially when there are various options available on the market. You can choose paid campaigns that GoogleAds is offering or maybe use some affiliate to increase your company recognition. But at the moment the most money-efficient option is to increase search engine result page ranking by an SEO efforts.

Back then and now

When you are going to buy new phone or car, first thing you are going to do is a research. In the old days, way before the internet era, this meant that you have to go to the specialist and ask him - what are the most important parameters that car is supposed to have as well as what are factors that you have to take into account. Sometimes that person was someone from the family, sometimes it was a car dealer who was willing to tell almost anything just to sell you a vehicle.

It all changed in the internet era. Now you don’t have to rely on the other people opinion, because you can make your own based on the stuff that you’ve found and read online. People are really strong believers in the content that they’ve found online. So for example if you are selling smartphones you want your website on the first few Google positions. The higher you are, the better. Research have shown, that almost 90% of all search queries are ending with user clicking on link on the first result page. So how to do that?

How SEO is going to help you sale more

You can achieve that with the help of SEO agencies, or you can try doing it yourself. SEO - search engine optimization - is a set of solutions and actions on the fringe of web-development and content marketing that is oriented on making certain website more search engine friendly.

Web-development part is more technical oriented. There are number of on-site optimizations that you can perform to increase the visibility of your page, that’s translate directly to the Google ranking position. The most important are:

  • Links on the page - the most important part of whole SEO optimization. General rule of the thumb is the more the better. Yet that’s not entirely true. You have to make sure, that all links are not broken and no unnecessary redirects are implemented.

  • page load speed - another crucial aspect of on-site optimization. Google developers are claiming, that loading speed is one of the most important aspects to decide about website ranking position. Mainly, because slow website is slowing down the Googlebot. Special crawler, that is visiting all of the internet websites and indexing them. Other reason is, that slow websites are tend to be old.

  • security - Google is saying, that security matters. A lot. So remember to buy or renew your ssl certificate.

Content is key

But no website is worth anything without high quality, well designed and prepared content. In the past, when someone was thinking about SEO all he had in his mind was keywords. Yeah, it was a simpler times and high quality keywords in the text was in the most cases enough to position website high.

Nowadays keywords are no longer the central topic of SEO. Along with the development of the technology, the crawling bots are getting smarter and smarter. It is said, that Googlebot can read the crawled text and is making ranking decision based on informational value of text. The keywords are still matter in the grand scheme of things, but they are no longer the most important thing ever. Now everything is supposed to be relevant to the user and give them certain value.

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