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4 habits you should have if you want to create good email campaigns


Aktualizacja: 13.07.2018

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4 habits you should have if you want to create good email campaigns

Are you sending HTML emails to your customers in the form of mailings or newsletters? If so, you probably already know some tips on how to make them effective.

 On the list of best practices are, for example, emails personalization, database hygiene, or HTML quality. However, there exist also some practices that are less obvious but equally effective. Check out 4 habits of successful email marketer.

Don’t spam subscribers with your HTML emails

Remember that messages that land in your subscriber’s inbox too often are the most common reason for subscription cancellation. If you want to avoid this risk, ask potential recipient about how often he or she would like to get every HTML email from you. You can verify this during the process of subscribing – add the option of choosing the newsletter’s frequency in the signup form.


Always make sure your messages are valuable

It may sound brutal, but if you don’t have an idea for your HTML emails, just don’t send them. Notice that the main reason why users subscribe to your newsletter is the expectation of getting a worthwhile content. So, make sure, for example, that you don’t send to your addresses same materials they can find on your corporate website.

Find a good reason to send HTML emails to your subscribers

Probably it is obvious to you, but sometimes marketers forget about it. That’s why, go back to the beginning and remember what was the strategic objectives for your email campaign. Make sure you know why you want to run it. What is your target? What do you want to win? It may be, for example, sales increase, your page’s traffic boost, your brand awareness growth, and the like. When you know you aim, you know what tools you can use to succeed. For example, if you want to boost your sales, send a discount coupon to your subscribers. Knowing your aims and available tools will help you build coherent and accurate communication with potential clients.

Don’t forget to experiment with your mailing

According to research conducted on 16 million emails sent by GetResponse customers, most HTML emails (almost 30% of messages) are opened on Thursdays between 11-12 and 16-17. But are such universal principles always work? No.

A successful date of sending emails depends on your industry and subscribers. Let's assume then that you know your target group. You analyzed its habits and preferences. You are sure that your recipients won’t open an email sent on Saturday at 8:00. But, it is possible that you made a mistake. That's precisely why you should be open to experimenting with mailings. This doesn’t apply only to the date of the mailing, but also its type, tone of voice, design etc. Test all variants, and then analyze them based on the statistics of each mailing. By drawing conclusions, you will then optimize your campaign and increase its opening rate.

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