Once again, Cracovia players have not managed to beat Legia Warsaw at their own stadium, this infamous series has been going on since 2005. Although the victory would give Pasas the position of the leader of PKO Ekstraklasa, so the rate of the meeting was high , the guests took three points from Krakow easily. Interested in sports betting

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Aleksandar Vuković's players from the beginning of the match took control over the events on the field, creating goal situations. The meeting started very unfortunately for both guests and hosts first Cafu suffered a muscle injury (he was changed by Domagoj Antolić) moments later the pitch had to leave Niko Datković (replaced by David Jablonsky). A few minutes later, both introduced players became the heroes of the first goal situation, when Antolić's shot was saved by Michal Peśković, Jarosław Niezgoda got into the ball, however, Jablonsky prevented him from taking the full shot. The judge of the meeting pointed to the eleventh meter and the injured person proved to be an effective executioner. From 33 minutes after the goal of Niezgody Legia was leading 1: 0 and did not slow down being a better team in every element of the game.

Hopes for a favorable result for the hosts faded away as soon as 2 minutes after the break, when Oleksiy Dytiatiev hit the ball in Luquinhasa, this rebound fell at the feet of Walerian Guilia. Georgian situations alone with the goalkeeper flawlessly scored a second goal for the team from Warsaw. 

Hopes for the players of Michał Prdyk were restored by Mateusz Wdowiak, a footballer who has not scored a goal in 2019, including a whole lot of unused convenient goal situations. Breakthrough came in a match with Legia when in 66 minutes he beat Radosław Majecki with a beautiful shot. This hit gave the hosts hope for a favorable outcome of the match (at the same time maintained a series of 9 consecutive matches in which the Strips score at least one goal), however, Michał Prdyk's players did not manage to hit the goal goal

The meeting ended with a 1: 2 result, which in the case of Legia Warsaw meant a promotion to third place and for Cracovia a drop to position 5 in the PKO Ekstraklasa table. For the supporters from Krakow, the result of the match was a big disappointment, because winning with the loss of Pogoń Szczecin points gave the chair the leader who has been waiting on Józefa Kałuża street for many years.

After the meeting, the coaches of both teams were in completely different moods,

Aleksandar Vuković (Legia's coach) after the match enjoyed the important victory that came after two matches without a win and on very difficult terrain. He believed that his team won deservedly and for most of the meeting had full control over the course of the game. At the same time, he praised the goal scorers as well as his team's defensive game after Cracovie scoring a 1: 2 goal.

After the match Michał Prdyk (Cacovia's coach) said that the result was settled by mistakes in his team's defensive game and he called the second goal for Legia a strange and "trampkar goal". At the same time, he praised Mateusz Wdowiak, admiring the beauty of his golai. He regretted at the same time that this goal did not become an impulse for a better game of the whole team who played slowly and inaccurately in the entire match.

In the next round of Legie Warszawa, a trip to Gdansk awaits a meeting with Lechia, while Cracovia plays a derby meeting with Wisła Kraków. Coach Michał Prdyk said that for footballers, coaches and supporters this is the most important match of the season. 

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