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Do's and don'ts when recruiting a developer


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Do's and don'ts when recruiting a developer

The day has come. Actually it is coming pretty periodically, but everybody hates it. Your sales team is bringing you new enquires and your current team just is not enough. That’s actually a sweet problem to have. Other side of this coin is that you have to hire developers.

Hire a developer — what to avoid

Programmers and developers are little bit picky. And for the good reasons. There is a really high demand on the market for IT professionals, who are not only good at their jobs but also know that they are an essential part of the team. But everybody knows that. Main question is how to even begin, when thinking about hire developers?

As everything, you can do it old-school, or you can try some new approach to the situation. It all depend on who you are looking for. Some young and hip person? Or maybe solid and stoic foundation that will be acting like a guideline for others in the team. Whenever you need, there are certain solutions and tips while recruiting.

But what are the worst sins of companies recruitment teams? Below you can find list of things that you have to correct in your workplace, to make sure, that you’ll find only right candidates to the job, and living with in one office also.

Prepare yourself and your HR partner to start recruiting process

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make, when starting recruitment process is preparing insightful job application. This first form of contact between you and your future employee and it has to be done proper way. Coders and programmers are mainly scientific minds. That means perks that seems attractive for you, many not be so interesting for programmer. But which information are sort of must have included?

1) Description of work methodology. It’s important to address if team, that your future employee will be working in works in Angular, Waterfall, Kanban or Agile. Some of the people prefer one over the other. It’s better to inform them ahead of time. Not during the actual talk.

2) Detailed info about used technology. Even semi-advanced developer would like to know straight away not only what programming language will be necessary to use. It’s important to include version of programming language. Frameworks that are used in day to day operations, test environment and supporting tools that knowledge is needed by company. This can narrow down the amount of candidates and in the sum speed up the recruitment process.

3) Case study of projects that recruited person will be participated with and working on. The more technical and substantial description is the better. Some people know, that they don’t want to work in some gigantic projects and developing solutions with many different sub-development team. Others love to have complicated solutions that you need to coordinate a dozen of people. It’s also important to tell if the project will be about creating some project from scratch, developing already existing systems or writing integrations.

4) The type of the contract. More and more developers are now more interested in working on b2b contracts. They prefer to run their own little business to optimize the costs of living. But still mainly way of creating company-worker relationship is to work on normal work contract. It gives the benefits like paid holiday, financial stability, pension and more.

5) Understandable language. The reality is, that even developer of regular seniority is having his email account flooded every day with various recruitment invitations. Sometimes they are more enigmatic, sometimes they are straightforward. Common denominator of vast majority of them is what could be called “HR language”, that is just not understandable for common folks. When talking with programmer go straight to the point and don’t waste each other time. This would increase the chance of finding right person for the job. Or at least attract them.

You can find more tips and tricks about how to hire developers on Challenge Rocket webiste.

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